From Zero to Hero

So I am attempting the impossible: Lose weight during the holiday season. I started a couple weeks ago (and meant to post something back then) and am right in the thick of it. My goal from November 25th to December 25th is to lose weight. Whether it be one pound or ten, I will consider it a success.

My main reason behind this is to change my mindset.

Like everyone else, I’d really like to shed some pounds and get in better shape. In need to start somewhere, and I figured now would be a good as time as ever.

So instead of looking to making some grand sweeping changes and new year’s resolutions that wouldn’t survive the month of January, I figured I’d give this a try. If I can lose some weight during the most calorically dense time of the year, I can lose it whenever I want.

So as it stands, at the halfway point, I’m down one pound from when I weighed myself on November 24th. At my current weight, that probably falls in the realm of measurement error, but I’ll take it.

Hopefully this will be taste of things to come.


  1. How did you do? I started at the beginning of the year and am trying different things to see if I can shed a good chunk of weight for good. This is hard work, but I have a big mountain to climb in June, so I have to make this stick somehow.

  2. So far, I’ve checked out a gym and decided not to join. I may head back there before the end of the month and join up.

    I’ve also looked into doing something a little more drastic. I noticed you were going to try P90X. How’d that go? It looks a little too rich (price-wise) for me.

    I’ve considered trying out Cross-fit, but it seems like that would kick my booty. I need a work-out partner. It was so much easier when you and Lance were in town!