Cutting out Soda [Zero to Hero]

So going from Zero to Hero started off at a stalemate. I said I was going to try and lose weight during the holiday season. That goal wasn’t reached but I did end up maintaining my weight throughout the biggest eating season. So I have to consider that a small, moral victory. Going forward, it’s time to make some changes.

The first change I’m attempting to to cut out drinking soda pop. This might seem like a no-brainer for someone trying to lose weight, but you obviously don’t know how big a part of my life Diet Coke is (and has been). You’d think I’d be okay drinking diet soda, but it looks like it’s just as bad as the sweet, sweet high-fructose corn syrup stuff. Figures.

So I’m going from, I don’t know, five or six cans of Diet Coke (a day) to nothing. Last week I weaned myself down to two cans. This week I’m going to try for one. We’ll see how that goes, but I think I’ll be reaping the rewards in no time.

From Zero to Hero

So I am attempting the impossible: Lose weight during the holiday season. I started a couple weeks ago (and meant to post something back then) and am right in the thick of it. My goal from November 25th to December 25th is to lose weight. Whether it be one pound or ten, I will consider it a success.

My main reason behind this is to change my mindset.

Like everyone else, I’d really like to shed some pounds and get in better shape. In need to start somewhere, and I figured now would be a good as time as ever.

So instead of looking to making some grand sweeping changes and new year’s resolutions that wouldn’t survive the month of January, I figured I’d give this a try. If I can lose some weight during the most calorically dense time of the year, I can lose it whenever I want.

So as it stands, at the halfway point, I’m down one pound from when I weighed myself on November 24th. At my current weight, that probably falls in the realm of measurement error, but I’ll take it.

Hopefully this will be taste of things to come.

Major milestones

There have been a few age changes in the house of late. Tony had his birthday on the 8th. (No comment on the age.) Corinne turned 5 on the 10th. She decided to have a sleepover the weekend before and cake with family for the actual day.

The sleepover

Corinne's cake

Ethan also turned six months at the end of January. He is getting around the house with ease doing the army crawl and is starting to get the hang of real crawling. He is as cute as ever. We finally had to give him his first haircut. It was scary but looks way better than the long, wispy look he had going.

Ethan's six month

Mason is starting to understand birthdays and answers with the correct age and date when you ask him about it.

As always, there are more frequent updates on Greta’s website. Feel free to check it out!

Tony update

For those of you who are devoted fans of this website and want to keep up on Tony, he is doing much better after his surgery. His hand is very swollen but seems to be getting better since it doesn’t fit into his splint the same anymore. He has another appointment on Monday to have it re-evaluated.

Thanksgiving was spent with both sides of the family. The kids love seeing cousins and all the extra attention. We are planning on staying home for Christmas so it was nice to check in with everyone. We are inviting any- and everyone to Columbus, though!

Check in the next few days for updated Ethan pictures. He turned four months old today!

My apologies

We are sssssoooooooo behind on updating this website. Part of the problem is that I (Greta) started my own website instead of just taking this one over. I guess I thought Tony would continue to post here and add his links to stuff he likes so I had better have my own site. Anyway, Ethan is now almost 4 months old, Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is around the corner. Weird. The family is doing well; except for Tony. He broke the bone that goes between his pinky and wrist on his right hand. It’s a bummer for both of us. He will have surgery next week. There’s snow in the air this morning which has the kids thinking they will make a snowman this afternoon and asking if it’s Christmas. Time is flying by!