Knocking the dust off

As you have ascertained, because you are a smart person (and my dearest friend [or family member]), I have more or less abandoned this site. It wasn’t on purpose. Greta had her blog up and running (note to self: help Greta get back on the blogging wagon) and she more or less took over the duties of familial blogging. I still host the kids stuffed animal pictures (note to self: update the stuffed animal pictures) and I have a couple dozen half-finished blog posts, but I really don’t post here much anymore.

BUT, because I am a nerd and I still love to blog, I’m converting this site into a test site for my other more frequently updated sites: and So things will still be going on here, theme changes, graphic tests, what have you. And heck, I might even get the desire to go back and update some of those old drafts. But for now, I’m just straightening things up so I can try on some new themes.

Tap tap…

Is this thing still on?


A big huge thanks to 1 and 1, as they have rescued my blog from the murky depths of the recycle bin and have set me back on the path of blogging righteousness.

I wholeheartedly recommend 1 and 1 for any and all your web hosting needs!

(Update: It looks like all is not well, the permalinks aren’t working at the moment, hopefully it will rectify itself shortly.)

Update 2: Everything should be working as normal.

Cutting out Soda [Zero to Hero]

So going from Zero to Hero started off at a stalemate. I said I was going to try and lose weight during the holiday season. That goal wasn’t reached but I did end up maintaining my weight throughout the biggest eating season. So I have to consider that a small, moral victory. Going forward, it’s time to make some changes.

The first change I’m attempting to to cut out drinking soda pop. This might seem like a no-brainer for someone trying to lose weight, but you obviously don’t know how big a part of my life Diet Coke is (and has been). You’d think I’d be okay drinking diet soda, but it looks like it’s just as bad as the sweet, sweet high-fructose corn syrup stuff. Figures.

So I’m going from, I don’t know, five or six cans of Diet Coke (a day) to nothing. Last week I weaned myself down to two cans. This week I’m going to try for one. We’ll see how that goes, but I think I’ll be reaping the rewards in no time.

New look and feel

I’m currently working through some new themes to add a new look to the site. Things may get wonky for a while.