Knocking the dust off

As you have ascertained, because you are a smart person (and my dearest friend [or family member]), I have more or less abandoned this site. It wasn’t on purpose. Greta had her blog up and running (note to self: help Greta get back on the blogging wagon) and she more or less took over the duties of familial blogging. I still host the kids stuffed animal pictures (note to self: update the stuffed animal pictures) and I have a couple dozen half-finished blog posts, but I really don’t post here much anymore.

BUT, because I am a nerd and I still love to blog, I’m converting this site into a test site for my other more frequently updated sites: and So things will still be going on here, theme changes, graphic tests, what have you. And heck, I might even get the desire to go back and update some of those old drafts. But for now, I’m just straightening things up so I can try on some new themes.


  1. Testing Facebook comments.