It’s coming, promise.

I know two months ago I said that with all this free time I was going to have while on travel that I was going to be posting a bunch of updates and what-not, but that obviously hasn’t happened. For one thing, I haven’t had as much free time as I thought I would. For another, by the end of my work day, I really don’t have any motivation to do anything more than watch Food Network and Law & Order reruns. So there’s that.

But now, my time on this project is going to come to an end soon, so I need to take advantage of what time I have. I’m still working on my first project, the monthly stuffed-pet project (and subsequent organizing of Flickr). That should be done soonish!

Not sure what will happen after that. I’ve been itching to scan in old photos, but that’s a home project, so we’ll see what happens next.


  1. Holy Cow! I saw this come up on my Google Reader and almost fell off my chair. It has been a while… Now get to it, no time like the present.

    BTW, Stephanie has taken over the family blogging for us, and made it private, so just click on some button on the above site and she will let you in. Brigs Blog will be undergoing significant change over the next month or so, so watch out for that. Excited to hear about all of your adventures.

    Oh, and check out the Travel Channel, Man vs Food, best show on TV. And when that dude dies, I want his job.

  2. Ya, I’ve been watching MvF. Pretty excellent show, but my fav is Drive-ins, Diners and Dives. I hate that moron of a host, but when he dies, I want his job,