A big huge thanks to 1 and 1, as they have rescued my blog from the murky depths of the recycle bin and have set me back on the path of blogging righteousness.

I wholeheartedly recommend 1 and 1 for any and all your web hosting needs!

(Update: It looks like all is not well, the permalinks aren’t working at the moment, hopefully it will rectify itself shortly.)

Update 2: Everything should be working as normal.

New look and feel

I’m currently working through some new themes to add a new look to the site. Things may get wonky for a while.

It’s coming, promise.

I know two months ago I said that with all this free time I was going to have while on travel that I was going to be posting a bunch of updates and what-not, but that obviously hasn’t happened. For one thing, I haven’t had as much free time as I thought I would. For another, by the end of my work day, I really don’t have any motivation to do anything more than watch Food Network and Law & Order reruns. So there’s that.

But now, my time on this project is going to come to an end soon, so I need to take advantage of what time I have. I’m still working on my first project, the monthly stuffed-pet project (and subsequent organizing of Flickr). That should be done soonish!

Not sure what will happen after that. I’ve been itching to scan in old photos, but that’s a home project, so we’ll see what happens next.

Changes are afoot

As you may (or may not) know, I’m currently involved on a project at work that requires a lot of travel, most of which come during two-week stints. I’m currently in the middle of the first one, which means I have a weekend where I have just about nothing to do.

With all this free time, I figured I could spend some time working on the site. While Greta has taken over most of the family blogging, I have a few projects I’d like to work on. Those would include finally organizing our Flickr photos (I stopped working on that a while ago), a page of the kids pictures with their stuffed animals, and a few other post ideas.

Now I have to motivate myself to turn off the 4th episode (in a row!) of Law and Order and get to it.

Update coming! (VotW, too)

I promise an update will be coming, along with loads of pictures from all our summer fun. We’ve been pretty busy, but as August winds down we’ll hopefully have more time to update here on a regular basis. Then once the football season starts, you’ll know where to find me!

Anyway, it’s late so I’ll leave you with this week’s YouTube video: The only man, in the world that can support himself on one finger. It’s quite impressive. Have a look:

(Link to video)