Don’t kill me, mom…

But I cut Mason’s hair rather short:

Showing off his dome

If you knew what kind of ordeal it is to cut his hair, you’d understand. At least now it will take a little longer before we have to cut it again.

(More of Mason’s haircut are also here)


  1. Tony, remember when I cut your hair like this years ago in your parent’s garage? I thought your mom was going to kill me.

    Mason has such a nice dome, much better than that hill and valley skull on your shoulders.

    Oh, the memories. Thanks for the great flashback.

  2. Tony, I am speechless… I just gasped when I saw Mason’s haircut! I know little boys love short hair but……..oh mijo you went a little too short, no? If he likes it that’s all that matters, right? It will “grow” on me….

  3. PS- Lucky for Brigham I don’t remember that haircut!

  4. Brig – yeah, I remember that. It hasn’t been that short since 🙂

    mom – It’s short, but he loves it! He rubs his head and says “What’s that?!” When Corinne rubs it, he says “rub your head!”