Ethan’s One Week Pictures

I know he turns two weeks old tomorrow, but here are his one week pictures. Enjoy!

Ethan's one week

Ethan's one week

Ethan's one week


  1. Greta,Tony thank you for another beautiful baby! We are as much in love with Ethan as we are with Corinne and Mason!

  2. Well, be sure to let Lance know that Ethan has a new favorite Uncle (james) – ha ha ha. Ethan is one cute baby; takes after his dang cute brother and awesome little princess sister! WE LOVE HIM!

  3. Aunt Jeni says:

    What a beautiful addition! Tony and Greta, you are quite the artists!!
    We could not wait to see the stuffed animal companion that Ethan would have. We look forward to the upcoming photos, but mostly getting to give Ethan a squeeze.
    Love you all