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Have you found Cheesus? This lady has:

Silly Rabbi

Kicks are for trids!

I know my cereal. I love cereal. I could probably live on it. I once bought three boxes of expired Honey Nut Cheerios when I was in Spain because it was 1/2 off. So yeah, I know and love my cereal. How well do you know yours? Find out by taking the Breakfast Cereal Quiz.

I scored 18/20. And I still dispute one of the questions being a trick question.

As for my favorite cereal, that would be the delicious Chocos. I crave them every morning.


Happy Holidays!

I was pretty depressed yesterday thinking that we weren’t going to see any family this year for Christmas Eve or Christmas. By the time dinner rolled around (egg rolls which may be a permanent tradition…yum!), I was getting into the holiday spirit. We built a fire and sang Christmas carols with the lights out. The kids got on their Christmas jammies just in time for cocoa and some of Santa’s cookies. We also had a family from church stop by to carol us! The kids LOVED that. Christmas morning didn’t come too early (which was my biggest fear) and was enjoyed by all. Mason declared that he “needs more presents!” while Corinne asked if there was anything else to “rip.” Ethan has enjoyed the distraction that the presents have brought. He isn’t getting picked on much today. Here’s a summary by photographs:

Christmas pjs by the tree

Hamming it up

Corinne and Mason

The turkey is going into the oven soon. Can’t wait to smell it cooking! All the best to you and yours!

Two great tastes

That go great together: Bacon and Salt.

Fast food fun

Here are a few fun links about America’s favorite meal: Fast food.

The first is McMenu Madness which showcases some of McDonald’s international menu items, like the Greek Mac (It’s a burger! It’s a gyro! It’s the greatest thing EVER!). I remember the first time I had McDonald’s when I was in Spain. It was in Oviedo and it had been almost two years without Micky Dees. I must say, a quarter pounder never tasted as good as that one did.

Make sure you also check out McMenu Madness, the Americas and McMenu Madness, former menu items. I still remember the MDP (named after former Browns player, Michael Dean Perry) — a triple cheeseburger with a slice of Canadian Bacon. Tasty!

The second link is “Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality” — what you see is hardly ever what you get. That one is kind of a buzz-kill.

And to top off the artery clogging goodness, I present the Hamdog. Not fast food, per se, but right up there. (Picture of the hamdog here)