Knocking the dust off

As you have ascertained, because you are a smart person (and my dearest friend [or family member]), I have more or less abandoned this site. It wasn’t on purpose. Greta had her blog up and running (note to self: help Greta get back on the blogging wagon) and she more or less took over the duties of familial blogging. I still host the kids stuffed animal pictures (note to self: update the stuffed animal pictures) and I have a couple dozen half-finished blog posts, but I really don’t post here much anymore.

BUT, because I am a nerd and I still love to blog, I’m converting this site into a test site for my other more frequently updated sites: and So things will still be going on here, theme changes, graphic tests, what have you. And heck, I might even get the desire to go back and update some of those old drafts. But for now, I’m just straightening things up so I can try on some new themes.

The best knife, EVER

Have you ever been in a bind, where you could really use a nail file, a laser pointer, and a golf shoe spike wrench, all at the same time? I know I have. Well, I fear no more! With the The Most Incredible Knife I will have everything I need at my disposal. Just look at this thing:

Swiss Army Knife

What more could you ask for?

In Case of Fire

Fire!Today while we were cleaning up the basement, I decided it’d be a good time to test the fire alarms. The one in the basement makes an awfully loud and unpleasant sound, which startled Corinne. Greta and I figured this would be a good time to talk about what to do if the fire alarms were to go off. We explained to Corinne that she should try to find us and we could all get out of the house safely. Then we’d call the firemen.

This seemed to satisfy her, so we asked her to repeat what we should do if the fire alarms go off. She replied that, “we should get out of the house. Then we call God. And he’ll call the firemen to come to our house.”

Indeed, that’s certainly a good plan.

Updates coming

I know I haven’t been diligent in keeping the site updated, for which I apologize. I still have some enhancements I’d like to make to the site, which are coming soon. I also have some new pictures to post, which are also on their way. In the meantime, I thought a little video from YouTube would bring a smile to your face.

It’s a news clip of a report from a field where soldiers are burning huge piles of cocao leaves and marijuana leaves. The reporter get’s high in a matter of seconds. He gets really loopy. It’s quite funny:

(Here’s a link to the video if it doesn’t play above)

You are getting sleepy…

Don’t stare at this too long, you might go crazy.