The Memorial Tournament

We got to go to the Memorial Tournament on Friday. That is always a good time, it’s very cool to see the PGA Pros up close and personal. Tiger tee’d off early this morning so we didn’t get to see him much, but we did get to see Jack, Goosen, Janzen and O’Meara, among others. We watched O’Meara chip out of the sand on 13, right into the cup. That was pretty cool.

As far as Columbus celebrity sitings, we saw none other than Coach John Cooper. He seemed like a nice guy, we were standing right next to him at the green on 13, and he said hello and was very cordial. I think he got a bum rap in Columbus. I liked the guy a lot, but I just don’t think his coaching style was appropriate for OSU. OSU football players need discipline and structure and he didn’t seem to give them any so they walked all over him. It’s too bad, he had some of the best OSU teams ever. That is until this guy named Jim came along.