Updates coming

I know I haven’t been diligent in keeping the site updated, for which I apologize. I still have some enhancements I’d like to make to the site, which are coming soon. I also have some new pictures to post, which are also on their way. In the meantime, I thought a little video from YouTube would bring a smile to your face.

It’s a news clip of a report from a field where soldiers are burning huge piles of cocao leaves and marijuana leaves. The reporter get’s high in a matter of seconds. He gets really loopy. It’s quite funny:

(Here’s a link to the video if it doesn’t play above)

Site Updates

I have added a few items to the sidebar on the right side of the main page. The first thing you’ll see, right under the search box is the “Email Notifier”. You can enter your email address and you’ll receive an email any time we’ve updated something here at our site. That means you won’t have to always check in to see if there’s anything new — you’ll already know!

I’ve added a section to list the entertainment we’re currently enjoying, including books (Corinne loves to read!), movies, games, music, etc. It’ll give you a little insight into what’s entertaining the Rices at the moment.

Finally, I’ve added a links section with links to family and friends sites. Right now the list is sparse, so if you have a site, let me know so I can add it to the list. We love to keep up with everyone and the internet sure makes that easier!

Let me know if anyone has any questions or comments!


I finally did it! A little later than I had hoped, but I’ve finished the update of the site and all that goes along with it. All our pictures up to now have been uploaded to Flickr and we can now keep the site up-to-date with all the latest happenings in the Rice family.

I did miss a few pictures over the past couple of months, but those have been updated. One of the big ones I missed was Corinne’s 3-year bunny pictures. You can see them here:

Bunny smile

Corinne playing with her dolls:
All tucked in!

Also, I can finally post the pictures of Corinne and Mason that were taken at Target. If you’ll remember, it didn’t exactly go as planned but we came away with an excellent picture of the kids. Especially of them together. Here are Corinne, Mason, and the two together:

Corinne's 3 year portrait

Mason's 1 year portrait

Mason and Corinne

Recent updates

I’m still playing catch up with all the site updates. Here are a few updated posts:

Corinne 8 months old
Corinne 9 months old
Corinne 10 months old

More to come…

As promised:

Corinne 11 months old
Corinne 12 months old
Corinne’s 1st birthday party
Pictures from the Zoo
Corinne 18 months old
Halloween 2004

I wanted to be completely caught up, but as you can see, I still have about 14 more months to go. I’m getting close, but not quite there. I promise to have everything updated soon and well be posting new content on a more regular basis soon.

Okay, we’re almost there! We’re up to Mason’s arrival and I’m working on more:
Mason is here
Mason 1 month old
Mason 2 months old
Mason 3 months
Mason 4 months
Mason 5 months
Mason 6 months

Site updates *updated*

I realized I’ve been updating old posts but not linking to them so you can actually see what I’ve done. So here are a few highlights:

Corinne at the hospital
Corinne in her Heart outfit
Corinne 1 week old
Corinne 1 month old
Corinne’s Blessing
Corinne at 2 months old
Corinne at Easter

Update: So many “updates”! Anyway, here are a few more update entries with pictures (the ones of Corinne with her bunny link to a set with more bunny pictures)
Corinne at the pool
Corinne, 3 months old
Corinne at 4 months