In his Sunday best!

Ethan finally made an appearance at church today, all decked out GQ-style:

Who goes there?!

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Don’t kill me, mom…

But I cut Mason’s hair rather short:

Showing off his dome

If you knew what kind of ordeal it is to cut his hair, you’d understand. At least now it will take a little longer before we have to cut it again.

(More of Mason’s haircut are also here)

Ethan’s One Week Pictures

I know he turns two weeks old tomorrow, but here are his one week pictures. Enjoy!

Ethan's one week

Ethan's one week

Ethan's one week

Summer Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from the kid’s summer trips:

First, the kids went with Greta to Hartford to help out with the Strawberry Patch. Corinne helped out at the patch:

Corinne holding down the strawberry fort

While Mason and Papa Bill played:

Mason riding his little bike

Mason and Papa Bill

I took the kids up to North Royalton, and Mason loved playing on Papa Tom’s tractor:

Mason driving Papa Tom's tractor

Farmer Mason

We also got the kids a sandbox they love:

Corinne and Mason in the sand

For comic relief, here are couple pictures of Mason, turning himself into Don Juan after eating a chocolate cupcake:
Senor Mason likes cake

Mason + Chocolate cupcake = Johnny Ringo

Finally, just to remind everyone — the Rices are about to welcome one more into the fold:
Greta showing off her 9-month belly

Pictures Galore

I’ve finally been able to post some pictures. We’ve got a little bit of everything here — pictures of the house, the kids and everything in between. First up are some pictures of the house after Greta did some landscaping in the front yard:

The Homestead

Landscaping by Greta

Some pictures of the kids playing in the water:

(My personal fav):
Bombs Away!

Mason having a good time

Corinne with the hose



Corinne splashing

Mason filling up the pool

Other random pictures of the kiddos:

Mason having a time out with a doll

Mason loves his mommy

Mason doing what he does best

Catching a cat nap