Family Update

Just thought I’d update everyone on what we’re up to. We’ve decided to start looking for a new house. We haven’t outgrown our condo but the conditions are prime for us to start looking. Our condo’s value has appreciated very well, we know we’d have no problem finding a buyer and now that I’ve got a stable job here we’d like to move toward settling down in Columbus. Greta is still working full-time and Corinne stays with our friends, the Sharpes, during the day. Everyone is doing well.

Work for me is going good, I’m actually starting on a project where I’ll be doing some Visual Basic .NET programming. I am really excited about that. I am enjoying Battelle, it really is a good job to have.

My future TV

New Intel Chip for Digital TV Could Remake the Market: “He predicted that the low-cost display technology, which can be incorporated into the traditional rear-projection television sets, could lead to lightweight 50-inch screens only 7 inches thick for about $1,000, perhaps as early as the 2004 holiday season.”

This is very cool news. Intel definitely has the clout to make huge ripples in the consumer electronics arena. A 50-inch TV for that much? I’m saving my pennies already.

Wooden Ferrari

Wooden Ferrari (dead link): “Is that a wooden Ferrari?”

This is absolutely amazing. Perhaps you could think someone had too much time on their hands, but this is one cool boat.

Mickey Dees – Woman gets 10 years for running over McDonald’s manager (dead link): “Woman gets 10 years for running over McDonald’s manager”

This isn’t right. I’ve had bad service before at McDonald’s, but I’ve never wanted to run a manager over. This lady needed to be put away for longer than ten years.


Fun With Words: Word Oddities: “Word Oddities”

Just in case you thought you couldn’t find anything more useless on the internet, this will continue to amaze you.