Tony update

For those of you who are devoted fans of this website and want to keep up on Tony, he is doing much better after his surgery. His hand is very swollen but seems to be getting better since it doesn’t fit into his splint the same anymore. He has another appointment on Monday to have it re-evaluated.

Thanksgiving was spent with both sides of the family. The kids love seeing cousins and all the extra attention. We are planning on staying home for Christmas so it was nice to check in with everyone. We are inviting any- and everyone to Columbus, though!

Check in the next few days for updated Ethan pictures. He turned four months old today!

Summer Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from the kid’s summer trips:

First, the kids went with Greta to Hartford to help out with the Strawberry Patch. Corinne helped out at the patch:

Corinne holding down the strawberry fort

While Mason and Papa Bill played:

Mason riding his little bike

Mason and Papa Bill

I took the kids up to North Royalton, and Mason loved playing on Papa Tom’s tractor:

Mason driving Papa Tom's tractor

Farmer Mason

We also got the kids a sandbox they love:

Corinne and Mason in the sand

For comic relief, here are couple pictures of Mason, turning himself into Don Juan after eating a chocolate cupcake:
Senor Mason likes cake

Mason + Chocolate cupcake = Johnny Ringo

Finally, just to remind everyone — the Rices are about to welcome one more into the fold:
Greta showing off her 9-month belly

Summer 2006 Update

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had an update, so here’s our Summer 2006 update:

We are having a great summer! The kids are doing lots of fun things: taking care of the garden, playing in the sprinkler, and having a good time with friends/family. The highlight would have to be our trips to the Ohio State Fair. Corinne really loved the rides this year. Mason mostly threw sawdust at the animals, but he made sure to get his share of the milkshake from the dairy barn! The kids have had special trips to both grandparents’ homes without Mom or Dad. Everyone had a good time (despite the early wake up calls by the kids). We also went to Geauga Lake with Papa Bill and Grandma Ann. Abuelita and Papa Tom came later to see the kids play in the water. It was a good time for all!

Here are some pictures of our good times. Click on the picture and it will take you to Flickr to show the whole set of pictures.

Geauga Lake

Corinne and Greta

Ohio State Fair


If anyone was wondering what Tony’s favorite thing from the State fair, it would easily be “Chicken-on-a-stick”!

Chowing down on chicken-on-a-stick

Beautiful people

Not that we needed anyone (like some stuffy scientists) to tell us this, but it turns out that Greta and I are beautiful people. At least that’s what science says. From an article in the Times:

According to research, attractive parents are 26% more likely to have a daughter than a son as their first child.

I’m certainly not one to argue with science!

The Last Month in Review

So much for writing an update every week.  Lots has happened since last time I wrote.  We took trips home to visit family which is always fun.  The kids love to be spoiled by grandparents with lots of attention and yummy treats!

Mason turned one on March 18th.  As seen by the pictures already posted, he had a tractor/farm themed party.  He most certainly did not disappoint when it came to tearing into his cake.  It was fun for the family to see him after such a long time since our previous visit.  He is walking everywhere and loves to jibber-jabber.

Easter was really fun this year for Corinne.  Tony and I took the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt given by the city.  There were eggs all over the ground.  When the siren rang, Corinne entered the circle daintily and was just looking over the eggs.  I had the camera rolling and had expected her to go crazy over the candy-filled eggs!  When I told her she could pick them up and put them in her pail, she said she only wanted the pink ones!  Ha!  Later we hid the eggs in the yard and decorated some hard-boiled eggs.  Tony’s parents came down to spend the day with us.  It was a nice holiday together.

Yesterday we worked in the yard.  I tore out a bush that was on its last leg and trimmed the others back.  Then we spread ten bags of mulch across the front beds while the kids sat on a blanket and ate frozen pops.  We’ll get to the backyard eventually.  We are still in the planning stages for a new flower bed with a stone wall and a garden back there.

Summer is on the way!  The kids have been enjoying playing at the park and being outside.  We just renewed our zoo membership so we are ready to roll!  Hope you are all having nice weather in your corner of the world!