Mason’s Monkey Shots

Here are Mason’s monthly (and now yearly) monkey shots. Clicking the picture will take you to the monthly set.

Mason has male-pattern-baldness One Month
Mason Two Months
Buddha belly Three Months
Cheesing Four Months
Mason and his monkey Five Months
Mason and his monkey Six Months
Mason at 7 months 4 (10/21/05) Month Seven
Mason at 8 months 2 Here’s some text about this picture of Mason at Month Eight
Mason! Nine months. WEEE.
Mason 10 months old! Ten Months cute cute
Mason 11 months Eleven Months
Mason One Year Old
Mason at 13 months 13 months
Corinne with his monkey, 18 months Eighteen Months
Mason and his monkee, 2 years old! Two years
3 yr picture Three years
Mason's 4 Year Pictures Four years