Tap tap…

Is this thing still on?

Merry Christmas

Greta posted an electronic Christmas card to everyone here.

Pictures and more coming!

I’ve got some pictures I’ll be uploading very soon and some site updates, but for now I am posting this picture of Mason as a Public Service Announcement: Don’t drive while sleeping!

Reckless driver!

The more you know…

Yearly Checkups

The kids are another year older! Craziness! We took them together for their check-ups. Corinne is always the little princess. She did whatever the doctor asked with a twinkle in her eye. Mason was not so kind. He screamed at the doctor and looked pretty untrusting of the whole experience. Thank goodness neither was due for shots. Both are doing above average in the height/weight department and in their physical/mental skills. We are very blessed indeed!

We had two days of summer mixed into our early spring weather. The kids played outside the entire first day and went to the zoo with their babysitter the second day. It was wonderful! We’ll have to break out the tricycle soon to see how Mason does. Corinne still needs some work on it before she graduates to a two-wheeler with training wheels.

Trust me on this

I have found a recipe that could shake the foundation of the junk food industry forever. I give you: Microwave Potato Chips.

I saw a link to these on a food blog and decided to give them a try. Surprisingly, they actually taste really good. We’ve made them a couple times now, and while they don’t taste exactly like Lays potato chips, they’re pretty darn close. I recommend giving them a try. We cut a piece of parchment paper and put it on the rotating plate in our microwave and nuke them for about 4-5 minutes, just till they start browning in the middle. It takes a little time to make a decent size batch, but they’re worth it. Just make sure you don’t let them get too dark, or they taste bitter. And make sure you season them before you cook them.

Seriously, give them a try.