Ghost Towns

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of ghost towns. I know there are dozens of them in the “Old West” but I’m more intrigued by the more modern ones. You can read about 24 of them at this site.

They are all intriguing. I really want to travel to Pennsylvania to check this one out, but the one I found most interesting was this one, the “Deserted Walled City of Kowloon, Hong Kong“.

(I’m hoping to update the site a little more frequently with links like these.)

Are you saved?

Have you found Cheesus? This lady has:

A Babysitter’s How-to Guide

I know it’s been around since I’ve blogged anything, for which I apologize. I promise to be more attentive to the site this year. Even though Greta has taken over most of the picture posting duties, I still plan on posting some fun stuff. So I’m starting with this one:

A Babysitter’s How-to Guide:


Click here to see the rest. Make sure you’re not drinking anything, otherwise you’ll spray it all over your monitor.

Real Estate Fun

Here’s another site I came across that is very cool. It’s called “Zillow” and it’s a real estate site that has some pretty cool features. You can do a search for an address (like your home) and it comes back with a map with the current value of the home superimposed over the map. It also shows all the prices of houses close by. It lists two prices, one based on tax information, and the other is an estimate the site makes, based on a number of criteria.

Of course, the first house I searched was my own and it turns out that our house is the highest valued home on our street. Woohoo! Very cool. I could spend hours on this site, looking up homes of people I know, looking at their neighborhoods, everything.

It might seem a little scary that this much information is available on a website like this, but all the information they present is readily available already. Each county registrar has a website that you can look up information like this with a couple clicks of the mouse. This site is really just putting all the information in a easy to read format.

Before you make your next real estate move, make sure you check out first!

Video of the Week – OK Go music video

I’ve been really enjoying OK Go’s new album, Oh No. It’s a great album with some fun songs. One of those songs is called “Here It Goes Again” which is the song in this week’s VotW. Check it out:

(Link, if the above doesn’t play)