Update coming! (VotW, too)

I promise an update will be coming, along with loads of pictures from all our summer fun. We’ve been pretty busy, but as August winds down we’ll hopefully have more time to update here on a regular basis. Then once the football season starts, you’ll know where to find me!

Anyway, it’s late so I’ll leave you with this week’s YouTube video: The only man, in the world that can support himself on one finger. It’s quite impressive. Have a look:

(Link to video)

Darth Vader is a Jerk!

For your YouTube video of the week, we have Darth Vader being a jerk:

(Link, if it doesn’t play)

21 Dog Years

I just finished 21 Dog Years : A Cube Dweller’s Tale. It was pretty good. I wrote up my review for Epinions just now. You can read it here. I had to get one last review in before I left for Cancun. Now it’s off to work for a bit. Gonna find out if there’s a TA-ship in my future. I’m actually starting to look forward to it.

School is here

It’s been a while since I last posted anything, but I’m still here. Not much exciting to really talk about anyway. I don’t like the color scheme I’ve currently got, so I’m trying to change that, too. Any suggestions? School started and already sucks. Went and saw Zoolander (dead link) this weekend. Two of my favorite actors (Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson) were in it, and while there were a lot of funny parts, the movie itself lacked substance. I’d recommend waiting for this one to hit the cheap theaters.

I guess one exciting thing this week is that Greta and I have started investing online. We opened an account at sharebuilder.com. It’s different from other online brokers in a lot of ways. Check it out if you’re interested in dollar-based investing.