A big huge thanks to 1 and 1, as they have rescued my blog from the murky depths of the recycle bin and have set me back on the path of blogging righteousness.

I wholeheartedly recommend 1 and 1 for any and all your web hosting needs!

(Update: It looks like all is not well, the permalinks aren’t working at the moment, hopefully it will rectify itself shortly.)

Update 2: Everything should be working as normal.


  1. I used to use a private hosting service, then I just switched to dreamhost. I run Ohio Sports Journal off of that (LAUNCHES WEDNESDAY!) and also set Dorotty and I a personal blog up there as well. Glad to see your a WordPress guy though.

  2. I do love WordPress. Been using it for almost 5 years now. And now I love 1 and 1 afte saving my bacon after I inadvertently deleted my database. That was a close call.